Your bra is a global decision

  by Girly Reads

Bras are a tricky business. Not only do you have to find your perfect cup size, you also have to figure out which bra best suits which outfit. There’s so much to get right that I sometimes catch myself obsessing over every little detail.

  • The Rose Petal Beach
    by Dorothy Koomson

  • The Ice Cream Girls
    by Dorothy Koomson

While my rational self counsels that my choice of bra for my important interview isn’t going to change either my performance or the eventual outcome, I can’t help obsessing over the significance of this one decision.

Why? Because the Chaos theory is true.

The idea that one little butterfly flapping its wings in a distant corner of the globe can cause enough atmospheric changes to create a hurricane on the other side of the world fills me with dread.

Seemingly insignificant decisions can turn out to be the best or worst thing you ever did.

But the outcome is almost always unforeseeable, since it is only with hindsight that you realise how your actions changed the course of events. Ultimately, I know that flip-flopping between my plain black bra and my lacy pink one is what’s most likely to ruin my prospects – since my irrational indecision will make me late!

In The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson Tamia’s small ripple leads to a bigger ripple, and then to a giant wave which threatens to smash her world to pieces.

Compared to Tami’s life, mine’s a breeze. So thanks to Dorothy Koomson, I now know it really doesn’t matter which bra I decide to wear!


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